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Vibe-Alignment Class Recordings on CD

Thriving Series 
        Individual CD's                   
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Part 12
"Thrive Alignment"

Part 11
"Hello, This Is Your Wakup Call"

Part 10
"Please Mind The Gap"

Part 9
"Loving Is For Giving"

Part 8
"Be, Do, Have"

Part 7
"What On Earth Are You Doing"

Part 6
"You Are Here"

Part 5
"Who Do You Think You Are"

Part 4
"How Good Can You Stand It"

Part 3
"Easier Done When Said"

Part 2
"Keep It Simple"

Part 1
"Welcome To The Other Side of 2012"


Thriving Series
Complete Series in MP3 Format
Parts 1 thru 12 on two Discs
(Sales Tax & Shipping/Handling additional)


Facilitated by: Peter J. Hughes