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Within Is Where It's At

Facilitated by Peter J. Hughes, the invocation CD is a practical instruction and guide in using the invocation process to achieve alignment in the Sacred Space of clear listening with the intention to receive, harvest, and implement unfiltered Divine Guidance.

The 3 CD set includes the Within Is Where It's At - an invocation - CD and transcript booklet, the original Within Is Where It's At Vibe Alignment Tune-Up class recording during which the invocation process was first channeled, and the White Sage Music Heart Chakra - Meditation in the Key of Color CD.

The Explanation and Exploration track of the invocation CD introduces you to the Who, What, Where, Why and How of the invocation process. Included are three tracks with timed sessions providing an opportunity to implement the invocation process supported by guided instruction and a high vibrational musical score. 

Similar to a language lesson CD, the Within Is Where It's At invocation process is designed to be listened to regularly over a period of time with the intention to, not so much memorize, but rather, to learn the process. Like learning a new language, we can't expect to master the language with one session. It takes repetition for the mind to wrap around, embrace, and integrate the instruction.  Once integrated it becomes a habitual practice taking little, if any, focus or effort to implement.

The Within Is Where It's At invocation process is a supplemental device designed to support and enhance your experience of whatever modality you currently honor. The peace and clarity of the invocation process has no boundaries and is applicable to most every practice. 


"I found the information very attractive from the standpoint of new information. I really like the approach to the issue of being one of application rather than more education. Peter Hughes has an impressive mastery of the subject matter he was trying to convey. His explanations and examples were easy enough to understand especially considering the abstract nature of the concepts involved."  Russ - Houston, TX 

"It was the most difficult semester I have encountered in all of my years in college. I received my first F of my college career on an exam in statistics. Beginning to find myself falling further and further behind in all of my classes, I contemplated giving up. When I mentioned my inability to focus and retain the information in my classes, Peter offered his invocation technique. I would take a few minutes before each class and use the method. I felt a shift in my attention that allowed be to receive the information more naturally and with much less frustration. I earned an A on the very next (statistics) exam and each one that followed. I also ended up earning A's and B's in all of my other classes. Using the invocation process gave me the tools to turn my entire semester around." Amie - Denver, CO

"My golf score improved 11 points when I used the invocation before each swing. My friends are still trying to figure out how I was "cheating."
N.D. - Denver, CO

"Within Is Where It's At"
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"Within Is Where It's At"
3-CD Set

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